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Wall Street Journal: Charter school operator takes over a Michigan city’s schools

The Highland Park School District in Michigan has hired Leona Group to manage all of its schools. “Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools”, Stephanie Banchero & Matthew Dolan, Wall Street Journal, August 3, 2012. The Detroit-area city has recently suffered a … Continue reading

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Praise for New York’s Success Academies in Wall Street Journal

An opinion piece by Joel Klein praises the recent test results from Success Academies in New York City. Joel Klein, “New York’s Charter Schools Get an A+”, Joel Klein, Wall Street Journal, July 26, 2012. Klein argues that it’s time to … Continue reading

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Deborah Kenny: “Why Charter Schools Work”

Critics claim that charter schools are successful only because they cherry-pick students, because they have smaller class sizes, or because motivated parents apply for charter lotteries and non-motivated parents do not. And even if charters are successful, they argue, there … Continue reading

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Video: Teachers’ union image problem?

As part of its coverage of the Wisconsin recall election, the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal published the results of a survey showing that people (including teachers) have a lower opinion of teachers’ unions than they used to. Here … Continue reading

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