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[Opinion] Charter school students succeed

As I mention on my About page (archive), I’ve been a school choice supporter for a long time, but my long-time friend Victoria Rico inspired me to do something about it—namely, start this blog. Victoria is chairwoman and trustee of … Continue reading

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“Won’t Back Down” movie review: A road map for parent activism

“Wait” means, “It’ll never happen.” So says Principal Thompson (played by Ving Rhames), the leader of the fictional Rosa Parks Charter School, a high-performing charter with a long waiting list, in the new movie Won’t Back Down. Jamie Fitzpatrick (Maggie … Continue reading

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Chicago charter schools are open, despite teacher’s union strike

The Chicago teachers’ strike continues, and thousands of students who attend public schools have nowhere to go. At Chicago’s charter schools, however, it’s business as usual. “Charter school leaders: Class is in session here”, Jon Seidel, Chicago Sun-Times, September 9, 2012. Professor … Continue reading

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A Romney education advisor fills in some details at the convention

At this week’s Republican National Convention, the Hechinger Report interviewed Jim Peyser, a partner at NewSchools Venture Fund and a Romney education advisor. Peyser talked about shrinking the Department of Education and taking out some provisions of “No Child Left Behind”(NCLB) … Continue reading

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“Parent trigger” laws endorsed by mayors

In June, the U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a resolution in support of “parent trigger” laws, which allow parents to band together and force change–including, in some instances, conversion of their local traditional public schools into charter schools. Mayors back parents … Continue reading

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Video: Teachers’ union image problem?

As part of its coverage of the Wisconsin recall election, the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal published the results of a survey showing that people (including teachers) have a lower opinion of teachers’ unions than they used to. Here … Continue reading

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Link: What does it take to get fired?

A recent New York Times article, “Found to Have Misbehaved With Pupils, but Still Teaching”, gives examples of teachers who did wildly inappropriate things in the classroom, but because of arbitration procedures, “14 of those 16 teachers are still teaching and … Continue reading

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