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Tips for being a politically-engaged charter school parent

Please take a moment to read this important article: “More Middle-Class Families Choose Charters: A political game changer for public school choice?”, Richard Whitmire, Education Next (Summer 2015). The conventional wisdom has been that charter school parents are too busy with … Continue reading

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Debate: What if every Texas school got a letter grade rating, A through F?

Parents, would you find it helpful if every school in Texas got a letter grade, A-F? Do letter grade ratings give parents a useful yardstick for quality? Or, do they oversimplify and obscure the differences among schools? Please leave a … Continue reading

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CSCOPE: What do parents need to know?

My primary mission is to help San Antonio parents find quality schools for their children. But sometimes I touch on another hot topic in education, such as standardized testing (earlier post) or the textbook wars (earlier post). The latest battleground … Continue reading

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Hispanic voices for education reform measures, including parent trigger and an Achievement School District

A child’s future should not be hindered or dictated by economic status, place of residence or personal aspiration that does not conform with a one-size-fits-all curriculum and poor performing schools that never seem to change. Every parent and student should … Continue reading

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School finance: add money? or reform the system?

A recent article in Plaza de Armas, commenting on the district court’s decision in the school finance trial (earlier post), notes that two San Antonio-area representatives on the Public Education committee, Rep. Mike Villarreal (D) and Rep. Justin Rodriguez (D), … Continue reading

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Alamo Area Academies wins 2012 Texas Higher Education Star Award

It’s nice to write about a success story. The Alamo Area Academies, a dual-credit program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn a year of college credit, work at a paid internship, and earn industry certifications, recently received a Texas … Continue reading

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How charter school lotteries work like randomized controlled trials

A reader’s comment about my recent post, “It’s not because of skimming”, shows possible confusion about what we can learn from studies comparing students who entered the lottery and lost versus those who entered the lottery and won. I made a … Continue reading

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