BASIS Boosters: parent groups supporting BASIS schools

This afternoon there is another BASIS parents’ meeting: 2 p.m. at Northrup Hall Room 318 at Trinity University. Even if you can’t come to this meeting, be sure to sign up for the interest list to stay informed.

By now, I’ve been to several BASIS parents’ meetings, but I always learn something new. Last time, I learned about the parents’ organizations, called BASIS Boosters, that play a big role in the life of each school. BASIS Boosters organize lunches, carpools, socials, and dances. They raise funds and sell school spirit merchandise. They publish directories and newsletters. And, they offer an amazing variety of after school activities:

Last year BASIS Oro Valley School offered over 30 after school clubs, sports, societies, and classes. Such as the Latin, French, Spanish, Chinese, and National Honors and National Junior Honors Societies. Sports such as the Climbing Club, Cross Country, Flag Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Kenpo Club, Soccer, and the Bicycle Club where hundred of students were registered. More clubs are formed each year such as Science Bowl, Chess, Spelling Bee, Art, Music, Band, Guitar, Keyboard, Strings, Drama, Improv, National History Day, Board Games, Choir, Environmental Club, Dance Club, Movie Club, and the United Students of BASIS.

Wow. That is a lot of activities. BASIS kids are not bored.

Here is a list of current BASIS Boosters websites:

I am looking forward to seeing a BASIS San Antonio Boosters site someday soon. UPDATE: It’s here! BASIS San Antonio Boosters.

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    Please add to the list

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