Guide to SBOE 2013

If you’ve been following the charter application process for Great Hearts and BASIS (granted last week—hooray!), especially if you rode the bus to Austin, then you may have become sort of familiar with some of names and faces on the State Board of Education. For better or worse, eight members of the board said their farewells at the November 16 meeting.

Meet the 2013 State Board of Education:

My focus is on charter schools, not the textbook wars, but for those of you keeping score, here is the likely breakdown:

  • Social conservatives (6): Mercer, Bahorich, Bradley, Cargill, Miller, Rowley
  • Moderate Republicans (4): Ratliff, Maynard, Hardy, Melton
  • Democrats (5): Dominguez, Cortez, Perez, Allen, Knight

The next meeting of the Texas State Board of Education is scheduled for January 30, 31, and February 1, 2013.

Good sources for SBOE watchers: Texas Tribune and Texas Freedom Network.

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A nonprofit in San Antonio, Texas that helps families research school options and become advocates for high quality education.
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